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Heavy Duty Towing

For large trucks and trailers, we have the towing equipment and experience to tow your asset from any situation. Our experienced tow truck operators will provide you with exceptional quality of service to any tow destination required. Out-of-state runs available upon request.

Size matters. We tow the big stuff.


Truck & Trailer


Buses & RVs


Dump & Garbage Trucks

Moving Truck

Utility & Box Trucks

Light Duty Towing

Personal Auto

Need a tow? We specialize in towing personal vehicles throughout the greater Lehigh Valley, from busy highways and intersections to our lovely country back roads and home addresses. We tow minivans, high-performance sports cars, big and small trucks, SUVs, and sedans, always as if it was our own to protect.

What you can expect


First Call Q&A

Where are you?
What mile marker?
What's the situation?
What kind of vehicle?


Honest ETA Quote

Over the past 13 years we've averaged 28 minutes from call to tow. 


Tow Truck Call

Once booked, your tow truck hero will call to let you know when they are on the way!



When we arrive on scene, we activate our safety beacon lights to alert you we are on location.


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